Horizon Point, Inc. provides tools for the challenges of “too much to do, not enough time” and personal blocks to greater effectiveness. Organizations request these professional development programs for women’s leadership networks, diversity and affinity groups, sales meetings, and team trainings. Our trainings have received the highest ratings and repeat invites from organizations such as G.E., IBM, American Management Association, National Association of Female Executives, Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association, Bloomberg, MedImmune, Oracle, Deloitte, Associated Press, Women in Cable and Telecommunications and others. An additional area of expertise is trainings for multicultural women.

Popular In-Person Trainings or Webinars:

Success Under Stress: Powerful Tools For Staying Calm, Confident, and Productive When the Pressure’s On (for high potentials, team meetings, women’s leadership or multicultural networks) (Can also be titled “Resilience”)

  • Turn obstacles into opportunities, and come up with creative ideas and new solutions under pressure
  • Work at your highest capacity throughout long days and have high energy/enthusiasm left over at night
  • Think clearly and concentrate even when overwhelmed with ‘too much to do’
  • Instantly calm from frustration or anger (and even more importantly, calm other people down too!!) so you can remain poised and maintain your ability to perform.
  • Wind down quickly to get to sleep at night and get back to sleep within 3 minutes when you wake up in the middle of the night
  • Adjust easily to changing priorities and be proactive about creating success in new roles
  • Stay rational – not reactive – by knowing how to take the emotionality out of stressful situations
  • Calm your nerves before an important presentation or when nervous about speaking up in meetings
  • Get the same calm and focus you get in a 90 minute yoga class yet get it in 3 minutes or less while sitting in your office or in traffic
  • Keep your 60,000 thoughts a day focused, motivated, and positive instead of worried, distracted, or doubtful
  • Influence to gain buy-in for your ideas even in environments where there are politics or resistant people
  • Stay focused on priorities and strategic objectives even in the face of obstacles and derailments
  • ‘Speak up’ with clear ideas to influence in meetings or even in front of senior leaders
  • Reduce cognitive overload and to get things faster and get things done right the first time
  • Demonstrate ownership and resilience in a fast paced work environment
  • Know how to create more time to “think” and eliminate up to 75% of unnecessary interruptions
  • Increase efficiency of work flow and communication on teams to reduce time wasting

Results: Dramatically reduced stress; increases in productivity (on average 1 hour per day); improved work-life balance; return of vitality and sense of control over your life; improvements in problem solving and innovation; increased engagement and ownership of one’s role.

“The feedback from your training was overwhelmingly positive: We had numerous leaders tell us this was the best training they ever attended, you received a rating of 4.8 out 5. I am personally using the tools you gave us everyday to stay calm, steady, and proactive about taking action on what I can control everyday in our uncertain environment. I’ve used the strategies to gain buy-in and get people on board with my requests. It was incredibly helpful.”

– Sofie Snauewert, Vice President, P&G

“Packed with useful information. Tools I learned dramatically reduced my stress and increased my productivity.”

- Yvonne Clayton, Wells Fargo

“Sharon’s presentation was an incredible experience, one of the best events we’ve had. The ideas hit home for me. Just like everyone else who is busier than ever, and has increasing pressures to face, Sharon’s advice and tips were powerful as well as practical. We only heard positive feedback from our participants and would love to bring her back again next year.”

- Sanford Gold, American Society for Training and Development,
NY Training Directors SIG Chair

Next Level Leadership: Tools to Accelerate Women’s Path to Promotion (for women’s and affinity networks)

  • Know your value and prepare to be accountable for decisions at the next level
  • Take risks by removing the fear of failure
  • Command respect even if you are younger or less experienced than others
  • Change others perceptions of you so you are seen as a leader and a peer
  • Know how to be “heard” and be more influential
  • Build confidence at the core and have the confident presence of a leader
  • Overcome hesitation to ‘speak up’ in a room full of senior leaders
  • Develop a relationship building ‘strategic plan’ to identify mentors and possible sponsors to further her career path (including how to set up a mentoring relationship, ask for sponsorship, inform a manager about your career interests, and read the ‘unwritten rules’ that often elude women).

Results: Accelerated promotion timeline;  increased confidence;  greater display of leadership;  improved problem solving;  dramatically reduced stress; return of vitality and sense of control over your life.

“Phenomenal! Practical action items I can use with anyone, regardless of corporate status. I identified and overcame a huge “personal road block”. I used one of the techniques within 5 minutes of the workshop to make a business interaction go smoother. An excellent experience.”

- Anna Patel, General Electric

“If you’re looking for a ’silver bullet’ to help your high-potential employees expand beyond their current success level to performance beyond belief, look no further.”

- Clare Dolan, VP, Oracle Corp.

Influence and Friction Free Relationships: Be Heard, and Get Work Done Faster and Smoother through Anyone

Use these practical skills to be a polished presenter, expand the number of people who see you as the ‘go to’ person, have more ‘executive presence’, or get needed results in 1:1 meetings. Actionable strategies include how to:

  • Speak up in meetings with senior leaders instead of ‘freezing’, judging yourself (or being resentful that someone else eventually contributes your idea)
  • Influence your peers, superiors, and directs to support and follow your ideas – even if you don’t have authority over them
  • Create a positive perception and memorable reputation each time you speak
  • Gain buy-in for your ideas even in environments where there are politics or resistant people
  • Expand your network strategically to include the people who can help you achieve your next level leadership and get buy-in for your ideas
  • Stay focused on high performance and career acceleration by gaining the cooperation of a variety of types of difficult people
  • Select from among the 7 different types of influencing strategies to maximize your influence in various situations
  • When things are at an impasse, know how to move other people to action

Results: Improved rate of successfully approved ideas; improved problem solving and collaboration; reduced relationship friction.

“It makes it so much easier at work when you know exactly how to deal with people and how to not get upset over situations. I am so much more in control and I don’t have to spend any time worrying about how to talk to people about situations or replaying what I said and wondering if it was wrong. I am in control of my 50% and it’s great. The tools really worked. Everybody should take this workshop!”

- Annette Cutrino, Visiting Nurses Service, NY

“The best webinars I’ve ever attended!”

- Dana Green, Toyota Motor Company

Dr. Sharon Melnick

Sharon Melnick, Ph.D. creates resilient leaders who get results in times of flux. She is a business psychologist whose practical behavior change tools are informed by 10 years of research at Harvard Medical School, field tested by over 6000 training participants, and applied by hundreds of clients to succeed at their next level. As CEO of her company, Horizon Point Inc., she has coached high potential and senior leaders at Deutsche Bank, Oracle, Freddie Mac, Pitney Bowes, Deloitte and numerous others. Read More…

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